Auditing Your Website To Improve Traffic and Conversions

Who doesn’t want to improve and build upon their existing web presence?  Nobody!  Thats why conducting an annual website audit is a great way to see whats working and whats not.  Increasing your conversions is the driving reason behind wanting to audit your website.  If your users do not absolutely love browsing your website then you might need an audit.  If your not making any product sales, then you might need a website audit.

3 Benefits of Auditing Your Website

Website performance in terms of speed and load time is a major factor that can drive your customers away very quickly.  Make sure your hosting is able to handle the amount of traffic your getting.  Using the Pingdom Website Load Test Tool

SEO optimization opportunities are always one of the first things you should look for when conducting a website audit.  Look for opportunities to make sure your meta info is not duplicate and customized for each pages content.  Look for internal and external linking opportunities and alt tags on all images. Use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to quickly view these SEO opportunities.

Improving your conversions whether it’s inbound leads or product purchase orders is another benefit of conducting a website audit.  You can easily conduct a usability study to see how users are interacting with your website and get direct feedback on what works and what you may want to consider changing.

Increasing Web Traffic

Anybody can get a good amount of visitors to go to their website, but are they the right visitors?  Building a strong presence externally is just as important as internally, through blog comments, forums, and social media engagement can dramatically increase your web traffic, just make sure you are doing these things in the right places.  If your a B2C company, does your ideal customer converse in a forum for Plumbers or Electricians?  Probably not, but they might be on Facebook, Twitter or a Home Maintenance blog.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to educate and help them.