Does Blogging Really Work For My Business?

Blogging for your business, whats that all about?  Isn’t blogging just for those people who like to blog about blogging or stay at home moms.  Well, the short answer is NO, blogging has been around for a while and has become one of the most dynamically driven marketing tools in a company’s arsenal. Business these days work very hard to keep there customers coming back to there websites and keeping them engaged in their products and services.

How Can Blogging Help My Business?

Blogging is a cost efficient and highly effective way of marketing your business online.  Blogging takes very little time, most blogs take about 2 hours to research, write, and edit a 500 to 700 word blog.  Blogging for your business is not about writing something about your business, your goal is to inform and educate your customers and potential customers about how your products and services can help them.  Another angle would be to establish a thought leadership role within your industry. Here are some key ways that blogging helps businesses

  • Long Term Inbound Strategy
  • Permanent Marketing Channel
  • Shareable Socially
  • Contributes to SEO
  • Establishes Credibility

How Much Does Blogging Cost?

Blogging is very low cost and can be done either by someone who works directly for you,or by a professional blogger or marketing agency.  Many companies don’t see the value in blogging and are shocked to find out how there competitors have slashed their advertising budgets to concentrate more on blogging.    Blogging creates a healthy inbound lead stream that can save you time and money.  Although blogging is not the only way to market your business, it does a create of contributing to social media and SEO for your website.

Blogging For Search Engine Optimization

Google being the largest search engine loves fresh content and absolutely loves blogs.  Blogs are dynamic and provide Google with fresh content that keeps it happy and we all want to keep Google happy so it keeps sending traffic to our website.  If you have a keywords that you would like to optimize your website for, why not use blogging as the way to implement those keywords.