Email Marketing Tips For Acquiring Customer Leads

Email is one of the most effective marketing mediums for generating inbound leads and engaging your customer base.  The sad fact is that many business owners neglect to put any time into this formative practice.  Emailing is a measurable and efficient way to capture leads and direct them to the areas of your website you want them to go.

Here are some email marketing tips that can help you acquire more leads:

Cater your email design to mobile users

Customers read email wherever they can and that means mobile.   Make sure that your email is designed to be read on a mobile device or “Mobile Responsive” this will help your message be seen the way you intended.  You can also track you open rate for mobile users to see who is actually using there mobile device versus a tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Minimal design is best

Have you ever received an email that had TOO MUCH INFORMATION!  These emails tend to get trashed immediately   People want a quick and easy message with a call to action.  Forget the multicolumn emails with tons of photos and videos and content.   Focus on a simple topic and direct your customer to where you want through a simple “call to action”

Use emailing to build your social media presence

Emailing is a great way to build up your social media engagement   Try an A/B test with your social links in different places.  Many businesses will place their social connections at the top or bottom of the email as they are secondary to the content and main message.  Also, try sending out an email about connecting socially, but not too often.

Focus on thought leadership instead of trying to make a sale

A well thought out message that is easy to understand and read will get you more clicks than a huge product or service push.  Take every opportunity to educate your customer, the sales will come after you have built trust and established a value proposition.  Think about this, 80% educational, 10% industry focused, 10% promotional. Always provide content that adds value.

Target your email campaigns with segments

If your wandering why you get different open rates on different emails, you may want to check your titles and think about segmening your email lists.  Why would you send a email about signing up with your service to a group of loyal customers, this makes no sense.  categorize your email lists and send targeted emails to the appropriate groups.  Mass mailings will deplete your email list very quickly.

Capture an email at every opportunity

Whether you’re on the trade show circuit or have recently updated your website.  Give your customers an easy way to sign up, this helps your list grow and keeps everything in balance.  Mail chimp has a way where you can have each subscriber choose which segmented list they want to be a part of.  For example: They want a new product or service special sent each week, or they want to subscribe your blog posts.

Use these easy tactics to grow and convert your customers.  Make it a best practice to get an email out at least once a week.  Try scheduling them in advance, this will save you lots of time and keep you on track.