How Do You Improve Sales Team Performance In A Low Growth Economy?

Are you looking for new ways to improve your sales teams’s performance?  Who isn’t?  Sales are what drives business, without sales we would not have a business.  Since the economy has seen a bit of slow growth lately, we thought of some ways that companies could use to improve their sales.

Improving Your Sales Team’s Performance

Personal Blogging – Your sales team is probably not tech savvy, and getting on the phone to cold call people just doesn’t cut it these days.  But the reality is, it’s still a numbers game and that means you have to keep working at it until you get that eventual lead.  One the best ways to get your sales team on board with your marketing initiatives is too get them blogging.

NOOOOO, this doesn’t mean they have to be professional journalists.  With Speech To Text technology on most new Macs and Dragon Speech To Text Software the writing portion can easily be taken out of the equation. Have them set up a personal blog site catered to a specific product or service that they sell and design a blog publishing schedule that works for them.

Establishing Trust And A Knowledgebase

This strategy will challenge their sales ability and help them understand the product or service much better.  This will also plant more permanent seeds in the right marketing channels and put them in a great position as a thought leader.  Plus, it doesn’t take much time to develop and can be measured monthly.

Meetups – Does your sales team get out and shake hands? Meetups are a great way for your sales team to get out in the local community and make some real connections.  There are a wide variety of groups that meet each month and talk about everything from business to sales strategy.  Find some interesting groups that you can leverage and learn, remember not to go in swinging and trying to sell, sell, sell everyone who you come across, this will create a bad reputation from the start and won’t get you anywhere.  Instead, ask people what they do, and find out how you can help them.

Improving Your Sales Team Communication

Every sales team member has a phone that they can be reached at, is your company offering a 24 hour emergency service line?  There are some easy ways to implement a 24 hour service line, this doesn’t mean that you have to pay a sales team member, instead find a customer service company that can take these types of calls and relay them to you.

Team Communication – your sales team should be in constant communication, everyone should know what leads are in the funnel and where every potential client stands.  Establishing a daily communication standard which promotes supporting each others sales efforts is a great way to improve performance.  Not everyone is made for sales, but making every effort to support every member of the team makes for a great SALES TEAM!!!

Internal Social Networking – Since everyone is one Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks anyways, why not establish an internal social network for your sales team.  Yammer is a social networking tool that allows for an internal social network for your business  You can collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our processes, try using these techniques and see how they can be implemented into your company’s sales team.  Ask the questions, who wouldn’t want to use a social network to communicate with team members  or Who wouldn’t love writing a blog post or two and then going to a Meetup?

Recognizing how your sales team functions and what they are capable of will help focus your team on what ultimately works in a low growth and slow moving economy and will improve sales team performance.