Top 3 Ways to Measure Email Marketing Success

Before you spend inordinate amounts of time creating an email marketing campaign, do you know how you will measure its success? You will need to track metrics that can clue you in on whether the email campaign is reaching people, whether they are opening and clicking your links, and whether they choose to share those emails. Luckily, most email responder software has these metrics included within them, but you have to track these rates and know what they mean to develop a successful email campaign.

Are Your Emails Being Delivered?

Before anyone can open your email, it has to show up in their in-box. If it never gets there, it will “bounce.” There are two types of bounces you will need to track: Hard and soft bounces.

  • Hard Bounce – These are the emails that bounce due to a problem with the email address as it is listed in your contact list. It could be someone deliberately gave you a wrong email address or you typed it in wrong. These types of bounces are easier to track than soft bounces.
  • Soft Bounce – Your email address might be right, but the email host may decide you send out spam and not email, and eventually block your domain from their email servers causing all your emails to that particular email domain to bounce later. You might be able to clear the spam filters before your domain is blocked by simply changing elements in your email to make them sound less “spammy.” Other ways a soft bounce can occur is when a legitimate email inbox is already full and cannot accept more messages.

Are Your Emails Being Read?

Track these three metrics to determine if your emails are being read:

  • Open Rate – There are metrics that can allow you to view how many people and who opened your email. That would give you an idea of who might have read your email. If people aren’t opening the email, it could be due to problems with your email heading.
  • Click-Through Rate – Those that click a link that was included in the email will add to your click-through rate. If an email recipient opened the email and were even enthusiastic enough to engage an offer, you know that you’ve created a message that resonates with part of your demographic.
  • Conversion Rate – There is also a conversion rate that will tell you how many people clicked through an offer and completed some action, like buying a product or filling out a form. This will help you to find your primary buyers and tweak messages to get them to buy again.

Is Your Message Being Shared?

Emails can also be shared by forwarding them to others. Those emails that get shared the most clue you in to the types of wording and campaigns that work best with your demographic. By tracking email forwarding you can tweak campaigns to produce even better email offers in the future.