Why Ad Retargeting is so Effective

To retarget simply means to find a target and get in front of that target multiple times. Businesses use this technique to increase exposure to potential customers. It is known in marketing that it takes a customer 7 times seeing your ad to act on the contents. Using this theory, it makes sense to get your site in front of potential customers as often as possible.

How Does Ad Retargeting Work?

Retargeting uses cookies left on site users computers to “follow” the user around the web. By simply placing a piece of code on your website, ads for your product or service will continue to appear as the user browses the net.

A shopper is browsing your site for a particular product. A tracking “cookie” is placed on the shopper’s computer that tells a retargeting ad agency to start showing your ads to that customer as they are browsing the net. With retargeting, advertisers see increased sales and a much higher return on investment than traditional, single channel advertising.

Retargeting is extremely effective advertising, but does not work well on its own. It must be part of the big advertising picture. AdWords campaigns, content marketing, and targeted display are not always best at capturing a customer. By simply adding a retargeting campaign, a business could easily double their business fast. Traditional advertising and marketing techniques can draw traffic, but not always a sale. Just as retargeting cannot draw traffic, it will most certainly draw sales. Retargeting from current traffic will most certainly increase sales.

Why it is so effective?

Retargeting gets the “window shopper” they may look at similar products, but with a retargeting ad campaign, they will continue to see your ad, wherever they shop. This increases the likelihood of them returning to your site to purchase. They will continue to see your products, more than your competitors, even while they are on the competitions site.

If the average customer needs to see your ad 7 times before responding, then seeing your ad in more than one place has to increase this effect. Retargeting advertising gets your ad to the same potential customer more often than just the traditional direct advertising approach.

Best Practices for Retargeting

For the best results using retargeting advertising for your business, tailor the retargeted ads to fit with what the customers were viewing on your site. If they were looking at jewelry, make sure your ads are about your jewelry, if they were looking at socks, target ads for socks. Retargeted should clearly call a shopper to action, to click your ad over anyone else’s.

Timing is important as well with retargeting, if a customer is searching for travel deals, your cookie should activate right away, but if a customer is shopping for a high dollar item, activating the cookie in a day or two works quite well. Most shoppers looking for quality, more expensive items are shopping around and do take their time making the final decision to purchase.