Why Online Reputation Matters For Your Business

Have you ever had an ex-employee write something bad about your business?  How about a dis-satisfied customer?  The internet is considered the wild west, when it comes to reviews and online reputation.  With site site like Yelp and Google Plus Local leading the way, your business is open for some sharp criticism.  Online reputation is kind of a double edged sword, while good reviews can get you customers, bad ones will keep your business from succeeding.

Finding Out What Your Customers Are Saying?

There are may tools available to find out what your customers are saying about your business.  Most business have relied on paper feedback forms, which are then posted around the office or replicated to the website testimonials page.  This is a good practice, but very dated and not optimal for getting a customer to choose you over your competition in an online setting.

Over the past 5 years, many ORM (Online Reputation Management) Firms have started popping up all over the place.  These reputation management firms are a cross between a public relations expert and a technology guru.  They use digital technology to track your business and find out what is being said and combat bad reviews.

Using Reputation.com

While partnering with an ORM firm may be a good idea, this growing niche has a lot of scam artists who do not necessarily have your business’ best interestes in mind.   We suggest going with a brand leader in this space, where you can have complete control over the outcomes.  Reputation.com is the absolute leader in online reputation management.  This digital platform is used by thousands of local, regional, and national brands.  With monitoring plans starting at $50 a month, theres no reason why your business should be losing to bad online reviews.

How Do The Reviews Go Away?

Reputation.com doesn’t actually delete any bad reviews, here’s what their website states about how they conduct the service.

How we change your search results.

When deciding how to rank webpages in their results, search engines like Google act a lot like tabloid news weeklies — they rank pages in order of popularity.

Unfortunately, that includes outdated, inaccurate and misleading material. And the longer that material appears, the more new customers it scares off.

So, in a nutshell, we make your business’ positive pages “more popular” than its negative pages. We don’t actually delete any webpages (only the person who posted it can do that), instead we simply make unwanted pages about your business rank lower in search results so that virtually no one ever sees them.

While that may sound simple, it actually requires an incredible amount of time, effort and some serious science. Even with our proven, award-winning (and now patented!) technology, affecting Google results doesn’t happen overnight, but it does.

Try Googling your business and see if anything comes up, if you are active in gaining reviews from customers, make sure they are giving them on the right websites including: Yelp, Google Plus Local, Merchant Circle, YP.com, Yahoo Local, Manta, etc.  It’s risky to wonder why your online efforts aren’t working if you don’t know what’s being and how to correct it.